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When Mary Purkiss was diagnosed with breast cancer, she did not know about AIBH. She and her husband, Ed, were alone with their plight and had no one to turn to. When Mary later learned about AIBH, she was so impressed with the program and the support given to women with breast cancer, she decided that 15% of all sales made through her on-line business, Beaux Tie Designs, would be donated to AIBH.

Beaux Tie Designs is an on-line jewelry and pink ribbon gifts retailer. Every sale through Mary and Ed's website creates an instant donation to AIBH in the name of the purchaser, who gets the donation credit and the awareness about breast cancer. They offer a line of unique hand-designed Pink Ribbon Awareness pins, unique Pink Ribbon Gifts and a line of Pink Ribbon Apparel. They also sell very unique sterling silver designs; earrings, bracelets and pendants. They even have a line of Asian silk ties for men!

Beaux Tie Designs and their customers have donated over $50,000 to AIBH to support this wonderful organization.

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