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What You Can Expect as an AIBH Patient

Is this program for you?
Our program is most beneficial to:
  • Patients who have had a positive diagnosis of breast cancer
  • Patients with previously untreated breast cancer
  • Patients whose disease has relapsed after conventional treatments
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Patient Eligibility
Whether you are interested in an overall evaluation of your breast cancer or want an expert opinion about your treatment options, we invite you to call us for an appointment at 480-860-4200. Because our service is completely FREE, you do not need to worry about insurance coverage or payments.

Appointment Times
Once you have called our Patient Advocate, she will set up an appointment for you to meet with our team of specialists. We refer to this as your "conference." Appointments are held each Wednesday at the AIBH Office.

What We Need You To Do
On the Friday prior to your appointment, you will be asked to hand-deliver or FedEx to our office, the following items:
  • Recent mammogram and ultrasound films along with associated reports
  • A summary of any treatments you have had to date
  • A copy of your pathology report
  • Any additional x-rays, scans and staging studies that have been completed
  • Any other pertinent information concerning past medical history that applies
Options Before Decisions
During your individual conference, our Medical Board will review all of your pathology, reports, test results and medical history and will come together to present a cohesive decision specific to you and your type of breast cancer. All breast cancer treatments have long-term effects, therefore, it is so important that you understand your diagnosis and all of your treatment options, thoroughly, before making any decisions.

Our Patient Advocate will be there to answer your questions and guide you on a path that best suits your needs. We are open during normal business hours, Mountain Standard Time, so please call us with any questions you may have.

Day of Your Appointment
On the day of your conference, the following steps will occur:
  1. Upon arrival at our facility, you will be asked to complete our New Patient Information Packet.
  2. While you are completing your paperwork, the Medical Board, our team of Breast Cancer Specialists, will meet as a group to discuss your case.
  3. The Patient Advocate will then present all of your personal health history and medical reports in detail to the group.
  4. The Medical Board then discusses and agrees on treatment options, specific to your situation and your diagnosis.
  5. You will then meet with one of the physicians, who will review the Medical Board's findings and treatment recommendations.
  6. Our Patient Advocate will then meet with you again to answer any questions and summarize what was told so the information presented is very clear and there is no confusion.
  7. You will then receive a resource and information packet, which contains breast cancer treatment and support documentation.

Keeping in Touch
Our Patient Advocate will contact you during the weeks that follow. The type of follow up varies based on your needs and the treatment recommendations that were given.

Because a breast cancer diagnosis is devastating, our Patient Advocate, who is a breast cancer survivor herself, is available to support you throughout your experience, based on your individual needs. It is wonderful knowing she is an available resource who knows exactly how you feel!

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